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Daymond Lopez Merchant

"Securing financing for our small business was a daunting task until we found Go Funding Group. Their expertise and dedication to helping businesses like ours thrive were evident from the start. The funds we received enabled us to invest in new equipment and hire additional staff, and our business has seen remarkable growth as a result. We highly recommend Go Funding Group."

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Eileen John Merchant
Get Funding Approval Within 24 Hours

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Merchant Cash Advance

Rapid Access to Funds

MCAs provide fast access to cash, often within a few days, making them ideal for businesses with urgent financial needs.

No Equity

MCA do not require business owners to give up equity in company, allowing them to retain full ownership.

Simple Application Process

The application process for MCAs is often straightforward, involving minimal paperwork and quick approval decisions.


Repayment is based on a percentage of daily credit card sales or bank deposits, allowing it to fluctuate with business revenue.

No Fixed Monthly Payments

Unlike traditional loans, MCAs do not require fixed monthly payments, which can help alleviate financial pressure during slower months.

High Approval

MCAs tend to have higher approval rates compared to traditional loans, providing businesses with a higher chance of securing financing.

What is a

Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is a short-term financing option for businesses. It provides quick access to capital by offering a lump sum in exchange for a portion of future credit card sales or daily bank deposits. Repayment is made through a percentage of daily sales, making it suitable for businesses with fluctuating cash flows. MCAs are known for their speed and flexibility but often come with higher costs compared to traditional loans.

Merchant cash advance rates

In addition to the lump sum amount, the MCA provider charges a factor rate, which is a predetermined multiplier applied to the advance amount. This factor rate is used to calculate the total repayment amount. For example, if you receive a $10,000 advance with a factor rate of 1.3, you would repay a total of $13,000 (10,000 x 1.3).

Ideal Businesses for

Merchant Cash Advances


Retail Businesses

Restaurants and Bars


Service-Based Businesses

E-commerce Stores

Businesses with Poor Credit

Quick Capital Needs

How to Get a

Merchant Cash Advances

A valid form of identification

Business bank account number and routing

Last three months of business bank statements

Last three months of credit card processing statements

Process of

Merchant Cash Advances

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Visit our online portal to fill out an application.  We recommend having the necessary paperwork on-hand to make the process even faster.

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The Definitive


An MCA is a form of business financing where a provider advances you a lump sum of capital in exchange for a portion of your future credit card sales or daily bank deposits. You repay the advance, plus a predetermined fee, through a percentage of your daily sales until the total amount is settled.
The MCA amount is typically based on your average daily credit card sales or bank deposits. Lenders assess your recent transaction history to determine the advance amount they are willing to offer, often ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars.
Unlike traditional loans, MCAs do not involve fixed monthly payments or interest rates. Instead, they rely on daily sales deductions. Traditional loans have longer terms, while MCAs have shorter repayment periods and higher costs due to factor rates.
MCAs are generally more lenient with credit requirements compared to traditional loans. While credit scores are considered, they are not as heavily weighted in the approval process. However, a strong sales history is often crucial.
Advantages include quick access to capital, lenient credit requirements, and flexibility in use. However, disadvantages include higher costs, daily deductions that can strain cash flow, and the potential for ongoing financial obligations. Business owners should carefully assess their needs and weigh the pros and cons before choosing an MCA as a financing option.
Repayment is typically a percentage of daily credit card sales or bank deposits until the total advance amount, plus the fee (factor rate), is repaid.
The advance amount is usually based on a business’s average daily credit card sales or bank deposits, with lenders considering recent transaction history.
While credit scores are considered, MCAs are generally more lenient with credit requirements compared to traditional loans. A strong sales history is often more important.
MCA funds can typically be used for various business purposes, including inventory purchases, equipment upgrades, marketing campaigns, or covering operational expenses.
To apply for an MCA, visit a reputable MCA provider’s website, complete their application, and provide necessary financial documents and business information. The provider will then evaluate your eligibility and offer terms based on your business’s profile.

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